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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Floor Jansen to Nightwish New Era

Floor Jansen was born in 2/21/1981 in GoirleNetherlands. Floor had been lead singer of the symphonic metal band After Forever, since when she joined music in 1997. After the separated in 2009, she created ReVamp, released in 2010, and the second album in 2013. Later in 2012, after the departure of frontwoman, Anette Olzon, the Group announced its replacement for Jansen as a guest member until the end of the Imaginaerum World Tour in 9 October 2013, Floor was made official as the new vocalist of the band. Is the date of the best symphonic metal band in the world with the most versatile metal singer present!


The Fan Club Nightwish The beginning of a new era interviewed the Floor to find out news about the eighth album Endless Forms Most Beautiful, about this career and their next steps. Check It Out!


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NEW ERA: If you weren’t a singer, You would have been what?

FLOOR:  I cannot even imagine a life without music. It’s not just something you do… It’s who you are! But I have always loved nature so I can imagine that I would have become something related to this.


NEW ERA: You have multiple social networks, and it seems like upgrading some things that happen to you, as the birth of her niece, your relationship with Sabaton’s drummer. For you, how should be the relationship between artist and fan? You value the partnership with fanclubs, and support these people to make your work?

FLOOR: I am very careful what I share and what not when it comes to my personal life. Things I am extremely proud of or happy about it something I would like to share and I always hope people can respect the boundaries I set when it comes to privacy. When that happens I like to be open and relaxed and find it important to have that kind of relationship with fans. But there are haters that make it impossible to be more open, a sad fact. I highly value the contact with those who follow me with good intensions and fanclubs are the best example of this. I am happy to share and cooperate to keep the magic alive together.


NEW ERAWhat’s the funniest thing happened with you on stage? Something you’ve been thinking “I can’t believe this is happening”. 

FLOOR: It’s years ago but it’s still the first thing that pops to mind. It was with After Forever and we played on this weird shaped stage. Guitarist Sander made a wrong move and fell of stage. It happened in such weird manner I could only laugh. I was a bit worried he hurt himself but the stage wasn’t high. And all he could think was to keep his guitar safe. I was headbanging and laughing out loud. A great combination.


NEW ERA: Lots of singers claim to do “headbanger” affects the vocal cords and the ability to control your breath. You do headbanger in tune with the music that is being played, you ever have a problem? It’s there any preparation or special exercise to perform headbanger as you?

FLOOR: Headbanging happens with head and neck and yes it affects your breathing. But you can time it and I actually can catch my breath a bit when I do it. It doesn’t affect the vocal cords, only when you would try to sing during the banging because of the position of your larynx. It’s good to warm up your neck by rotating slowly to sore muscles.


NEW ERA: All of us are excited to see the “New Era”, specially to ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’. Do you could to say something ahead to us about this album, we can wait for more agressive vocals, something close to what you’ve been running in the ReVamp? What does it “Find the origin” would have related to all this? 

FLOOR: I cannot give too much away only that I used all I have to offer vocally. “Find the origin” has to do with the theme of this album. It’s not a concept album though. You will find out soon! 🙂


NEW ERA: What does it the main changes you would quote on the new album Endless Forms Most Beautiful in comparison to everything you’ve done in your career? We can wait for more aggressive vocals, something close to what you’ve been running on the ReVamp? There has been a maturing or you just can apply new vocal techniques that you never had the chance?

FLOOR: I am using my softer sounds more than ever before. Intimate soft singing with lots of emotions. A nice contrast to all the aggressive stuff.


NEW ERA: When are you giving your classes in the Masterclass, can you see yourself in your students? In their dreams, their insecurities, their performance. What is the importance of teaching programs like this? Think a day make an edition in South America?

FLOOR: I can sometimes identify myself. I think it’s great to have a teacher telling you a few tools but without studying and trying yourself nothing happens. And talent! I don’t think time will allow me to do these masterclasses in Latin America but I never say never.


NEW ERA: Which Nightwish song you would like to sing on the stage, which has not yet had the opportunity?

FLOOR: All! But I would love to do The Poet and the Pendulum!


NEW ERA: We want to know if you as a professional has already achieved all your objectives, or has something you haven’t done in music? When it comes into scene still gives you that goosebumps?

FLOOR: I have reached all my dreams indeed! I can only keep on living this dream! The only thing I hope for is to do this until I die at old age.

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NEW ERA: Floor, thank you very much for this interview.It was a pleasure and an honor to have this conversation with you. Please leave a message to the followers of Nightwish “The beginning of a new era:

FLOOR: This new album will take you on a new Nightwish journey you have not yet experienced! I am beyond proud and hope you will love it as much as I do. I am truly honored you have so warmly let me into your hearts and new singer and wish to stay in there for many more years to come! I cannot wait to start touring and to come and rock you personally. Thank you for all your support and passion!

With love and respect …

Floor Jansen

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Release: March 27TH (EU) | 30TH (UK) | 31ST (NA)



01. Shudder Before The Beautiful
02. Weak Fantasy
03. Élan
04. Yours Is An Empty Hope
05. Our Decades In the Sun
06. My Walden
07. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
08. Edema Ruh
09. Alpenglow
10. The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula
11. The Greatest Show On Earth


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